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EDIA Committee

EDIA Committee

EDIA Committee
The EDIA Committee is a partner of MPS and serves as a voluntary advisory and consulting committee who shall review, assess, and discuss district-level MPS policies, practices, and procedures that directly impact students and families. As members of the EDIA Committee, they are to serve as representatives of their community and organization as well as serve in the best interest of all MPS students and families.

EDIA Committee Meetings
The committee meets once a month for two hours, unless said otherwise. On occasion, EDIA Committee members may be asked to attend “special” or “working committee” meetings that are scheduled outside of the general monthly meeting, in order to complete unfinished work or projects. The special or working committee meetings are optional, unless said otherwise.

All EDIA Committee members are also encouraged to attend any Board of Education meeting that discusses EDIA projects. The EDIA Committee may be asked by MPS district staff and district leaders to attend and/or speak at particular Board of Education meetings regarding EDIA projects.   

Below describes the role of the EDIA Committee throughout the EDIA process.

How to get involved on the EDIA Committee
The application and selection process takes place in the Spring. Generally, the process involved the following steps.