Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment (EDIA)
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Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment (EDIA)

Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment (EDIA)

MPS Equity and Diversity Policy 1304
MPS is committed to identifying and correcting practices and policies that perpetuate the achievement gap and institutional racism in all forms.

The Board of Directors, Superintendent, and staff commit to conducting an Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment on all future policies that have a significant impact on student learning and resource allocation. Click here to learn more about the Equity and Diversity Policy 1304.

What is EDIA?
The EDIA is a reflective tool and guided process to evaluate policies, practices, and procedures that impact students. MPS utilizes various methods such as policy analysis, evaluation, and research to support the process. Unless specified, this process generally takes about a year to complete. The graphic below lists the steps involved during the process. Click here for more information on the process.

The EDIA intends to:

  • Identify which MPS students are disproportionately affected by bias or discrimination in policies and practices;
  • Assess the impacts and unintended consequences of these policies and practices;
  • Engage stakeholders in developing plans to address the inequities; and
  • Build capacity to monitor implementation and progress for continuous improvement.